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Project Description
A little utility to alter some default behaviors of the Touch Mouse by Microsoft.

I am just a 3 weeks old C# programmer and this is my first project.

It is just a simple program for Microsoft's touch mouse using it's SDK and some other libraries.

What I wanted was to alter some functions and add others. My code is far from professional but I have tried my best depending on the total time I have spent on the whole programming idea.

All experienced programmers should feel free to alter the code , make suggestions or scold me . End users can do that too.

What I changed :

1) Double finger swipe up/down now doesn't go through maximized/normal/minimized states.The downside of that setup was that when a window was maximized then if you swiped down it would have to go through normal state and then minimize. What i changed was that swipe down is always minimize no matter what the previous state was and swipe up alters window state between normal/maximized . Hooray! 2 weeks programming for making a swipe down less for minimizing!

2) There were some solutions for middle click by others (who inspired me of course) but I wanted a middle CLICK and not a simple touch because it fired sometimes just by touching the mouse. So i used a very nice library with hooks to intercept a right click when you clicked and your finger was at a very specific point . When all conditions apply , the right click is intercepted and a middle click is sent instead. This point is actually on the right of the first third from above , of the middle carved line of the touch mouse. It is a matter of minutes to get used to it and it is chosen according to MY fingers resting position. So feel free to change the spot to suit yours.

Right now i have only uploaded only the x64 binaries and source.

It's a simple exe with a few DLL's so you might as well put it in your startup folder. No gui , no options (as of now).

Windows 7 only.

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